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Two different home/neutral environments made a difference?

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Hi all,

Sometimes when I enter my home/neutral environment (before pressing play) it's the mountains/night sky area, and sometimes in a room with a bookshelf, TV, etc. Does anyone know of the difference? Or why this happens?
Many thanks!

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I'm not sure, but maybe it's a randomized starting environment, it's done to diversify the user experience, make it fresh and interesting. Have you looked in the settings, maybe you can choose the desired launch environment or customize it in some way.

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The difference in your VR environment before starting a game or application is likely due to the default settings and customization options of your VR platform. Different VR platforms have their own default home environments, which can include serene outdoor scenes or indoor spaces. Users can often customize their home environments, and updates to the VR software can also change these options. Check the user manual or support documentation for your specific VR headset or platform to learn more about customizing your home environment.

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