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How to achieve passthrough without distortion and alignment?


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I am using VIVE XR Elite, Wave XR, and Unity, and I want to enable passthrough to allow users to perform precise hand interactions in the real environment. I have tried WVR_PassthroughImageFocus.View and WVR_PassthroughImageFocus.Scale separately and found both of these features crucial for my application. Is there a way to have both functionalities simultaneously?

Or does the passthrough feature provide 3D information of the environment, such as point clouds, that allows for self-calibration using a chessboard pattern?

我們使用VIVE XR Elite、wave xr與unity,想使用passthrough讓使用者在現實環境中進行精細的手部操作。分別嘗試了WVR_PassthroughImageFocus.View與WVR_PassthroughImageFocus.Scale,發現這兩項功能對我來說都很重要。請問有沒有辦法同時擁有它們?或是passthrough中是否有提供環境的3D資訊ex.點雲 ,可以讓我們自己進行棋盤格校正?

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