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VR in industry (solidworks, cad, sketchup ... )


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Im novice in VR world and I have one question ... its posible import into VR 3D models from CAD programs (Solidworks, Inventor, Sketchup ...) ... i want make presentation for my customers in VR ... this can be awesome ... but I dont know, its is possible?

thank you for some information


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   Welcome to VR :) We're all novices in the grand scheme of the platform so you're joining at a good time. I'd recommend taking a look at Mindesk. It requires Rhino but is the most full featured tool I can think of specifically for industrial CAD models and it will be seeing major updates soon. If you use Maya at all you can try Moculus but I have no firsthand experience with it. Aside from that, you can use either Unity or Unreal to view your models. If going the game engine route, I'd recommend Unreal since their built in VR template means that you should be able to walk around your models within 10 minutes without prior experience or investment. Getting your materials to work, as with any 3D workflow, will take a bit more time to get properly set up but only matter if materials are importnat to your work. 

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Hi Radek,


My company is doing exactly that, creating tailor made solution for the industry in various working environment fields ( rotary/linear assembly machinary, training and simulations, architectural visualization, large scale project presentation, and so on ).


We solve most of the tech related issues due to CAD files, and we were able to have a fully interactive realtime assembly machine ( 50.000+ parts ) running at steady 90fps using the Vive.


I have a tech demo, but due to NDA I can't show it publicly, but If you're interested in this solutions feel free to contact me.


Best Regards


Nicolas Esposito


Enter Reality



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Hi Radek,


MeshroomVR is the perfect software for your need ! The solution offers fastest, affordable and very realistic prototyping without a VR expert. Suitable with CAD software ( Rhino, Autodesk, Solid...) and developped on Unreal. 

The solution offers:

Visualisation at scale 1

- to validate shapes, volumes, propositions or ergonomic of a product that is being designed in 3D.

- It's a very realistic virtual prototyping tool.


Simplicity, intuitivity leading to all users autonomy in the company with :

- Drag and drop very large CAD Files (Suitable with most of the CAD software : Rhino, Solid, Autodesk, …)

- Very intuitive interface

- 2 clicks to VR for immediate realistic presentations.

- No CAD/VR expert needed for the file preparation.


Powerfulness and high level of realism allowing great and collaborative presentations with :

- Materials Editor that is simple to use but also can serve the most demanding Surface specialist.

- HDR Showrooms : scene customisation to create a contextual environment supporting the story.

- Multi users : simple to use, powerfull to enable local or remote reviews in a confidential and secured environment

Free demo here => https://goo.gl/eW8jSC


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