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Focus 3 Unity OpenXR Application Freeze


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Platform: VIVE Focus 3

Software: Unity 2021.3.26f1, OpenXR Plugin 1.7.0, VIVE OpenXR Plugin - Android 1.0.5

We have an application that we are building for VIVE Focus 3 using the OpenXR plugin for Unity. We have discovered that if you run the application, then quit out of it, then run it again multiple times this will cause the headset to freeze when the application is ran. To unfreeze you must press the button on the headset to put it in to standby than turn it back on again, this will then continue running the application as normal. This can happen from quickly restarting the application 5+ times in a row.

When using logcat to get out logs during the freeze there are no errors/warning.

To make sure it was not something in our codebase I have also created a new Unity project that just contains the OpenXR/VIVE packages and still get the same result on device using an empty scene, however this can now take up to 20+ restarts in a row to cause.

Swapping to use WaveXR as the Plug-in Provider stops this freeze from happening, however, as we support multiple devices using OpenXR is preferable for us.

Has anyone encountered this freezing issue before and have a solution on how to fix it?

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