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Help on work - Focus 3 + eye tracker + SteamVR


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Good afternoon!
Please advise 
1. Is it possible to use Eye Tracking on Focus 3 when connected to PC via wifi or link using SteamVR + SRanipal?

2. What exactly is the software kit required at the moment? The instructions / forums on the internet have different info...

3. Is FaceGym a 'legitimate' means of verifying Eye Tracking, i.e. applicable to a build like (1)? (Focus3 + SteamVR + SRanipal) https://github.com/ViveSoftware/FaceGym

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You can use the latest wave SDK to develop eye tracking content for Focus 3. I believe it is 5.3.2 at the moment. 

to answer your quesionts, 

  1. It is correct that VBS (Vive Business Streaming) is needed to connect Focus 3 to a PC, and then you can use SteamVR+SRAnipal.
  2. You can use OpenXR or the legacy SRAnipal for it. But I suggest the OpenXR way, which can ommit the steamVR and SRAnipal.
  3. Facegym is a demo app that we provided to demonstrate the usage of the eye tracking and facial expressions for developers. 
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