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OpenXR and QR Code/Marker integration


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Hi HTC forums,

I wanted to inquire about the usage of ArUco markers development with the HTC XR Elite.  Is this functionality compatible with Vive OpenXR application developmentt or is this strictly a Wave SDK functionality? 
I was trying to look through the video demonstrations from the HTC Youtube page and the QR code/ArUco functionality is something that I would want to leverage with a multi-user MR application.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @VincentCXR,

To give you and developers an overall idea that most advanced features will be demonstrated and implemented first based on Wave SDK, then migrate to OpenXR plugin in parallel.

However developers may receive the official support release for OpenXR plugin after couple of months or even longer because many process from OpenXR Extension draft, submit, review, approved, implement to publish are mainly counted on OpenXR organization and the working group members, so it takes longer time to deliver compared with Wave SDK.


Back to the technical questions, besides Aruco Marker for Multi-user application, we will launch advancing Spatial Anchor for more options for development soon.
Will keep everyone posted if the schedule could be disclosed shortly.


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Dear Vincent & Tony!

I'm stuck at the same place. 

Have a currently working multi user Hololens 2 app (what only send some positions from server to client) not a whole "netcode"-like thing.

Want to migrate my app to HTC XR Elite, almost all the functions working now with OpenXR. 
I successfully achieved the passthrough layer and etc, now only a position tracking is the problem. 

Do you have any source of information what could help me achieve ARUCO markers tracking with OpenXR?
I only found the base Wave.Native.WVR_Android implementation of ARUCO tracker and obviusly because my project uses OpenXR it throws an exception.

Best regards,
Balint Szendeffy 

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Hi @VincentCXR, @SzendeffyB,

Sorry for late response.

Currently we have Marker SDK and Spatial Anchor supported on WAVE version.

https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnityXR/UnityXRTrackableMarker.html (Marker)

https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnityXR/UnityXRScenePerception.html#spatial-anchor (Spatial Anchor)

For the OpenXR part, we just have our XR_HTC_anchor to pass the specification review so we're planning to enable on XR Elite and will keep you posted once the schedule is confirmed.

Regarding to Marker for OpenXR, may we know the target extension you used for OpenXR Aruco Marker was "XR_MSFT_scene_marker" or other extension? 

This input may help us to estimate either propose new extension or alternative to support other existing extension for implementation.



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