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Uploading apk to VIVE Business content


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I am quite new to VR development, so probably just some basic things I'm not understanding here.

I have a small app developed in Unreal 5.2 using OpenXR. I am able to build an apk file, and I want to upload the apk to the my vive business portal.

In the upload page I see the following message:

"The runtime of APK is required to use WAVE SDK."

Is this a definite requirement? Do I need to install the Wave SDK for unreal instead of using OpenXR (and does Wave SDK support 5.2 yet - I only see a download for 5.1?) 

The second question I have is, once I select my apk to upload, the manifest file shows

HMD capability NA
Controller capability NA
Number of controllers NA

I would have expected building a VR project in unreal would have configured the manifest appropriately. So far my google search attempts have left me unclear on how to fix this. Unclear if this is a VIVE specific issue, or a unreal configuration issue.

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Hi @s5d_dev,

For OpenXR development, we're glad to share with you the latest new version (integrate PC and AIO into one package), which have supported Unreal 5.2.


You can start based on this version to continue your project.

If you still need any specific features supported on WAVE, we have plan to support 5.2 on next release around late Sep.


Regarding to the content submission to Store, which one is your target? Either Viveport for consumer or VBAS for enterprise? If you still have problems, I can connect you to the Store support team for further process suggestion.


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