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Can't get Focus 3 accompanying eye tracker accessory to work inside unity

Munzer Abusham

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I've been trying to solve this issue for sometime now. I am trying to read eye tracking data to use for an experiment that I am working on using the eye tracking accessory for Focus 3. I've followed this tutorial here to enable eye tracking inside Unity but I can't seem to get it to work. I keep getting the following error with no data output:

Wave.Essence.Eye.EyeManager StartEyeTrackingLock() result: WVR_Error_FeatureNotSupport, status: UNSUPPORT

This looks to me like Unity is not detecting the eye tracking accessory but I am not sure if it is actually the case. Anyone running into the same issue or know how to fix it? I tried various version of Unity including the latest official release but the error persists.

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I have been trying to work with HTC Focus 3 in Unity for a few weeks, and I would like to implement eye tracking data collection. There is very little information available online about this. I found this discussion, and I want to inform you that I have the same issue with Unity 2021.3.7f1.

I am attempting to visualize the output data from my Eye Tracker Focus 3 in Unity using the VIVE Wave XR Plugin - Essence SDK (Version 5.3.1-r.2). I am using the EyeManager from the Wave SDK.

Unity is logging the following output to the console:

  1. "Wave.Essence.Eye.EyeManager StartEyeTrackingLock() result: WVR_Error_FeatureNotSupport, status: UNSUPPORT"
  2. "Wave.Essence.Eye.EyeManager Update() m_LocationSpace: World, hasEyeTrackingData: FalseUpdate() m_CombinedEyeOriginValid: False, m_CombinedEyeOrigin (0, 0, 0), m_CombinedEyeDirectionValid: False, m_CombinedEyeDirection (0, 0, 0)Update() m_LeftEyeOriginValid: False, m_LeftEyeOrigin (0, 0, 0), m_LeftEyeDirectionValid: False, m_LeftEyeDirection (0, 0, 0)Update() m_RightEyeOriginValid: False, m_RightEyeOrigin (0, 0, 0), m_RightEyeDirectionValid: False, m_RightEyeDirection (0, 0, 0)"

How can I avoid this problem?
Is there a sample project to test the Wave SDK eye tracker?

Thanks to anyone who can provide an answer or update on this.

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