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Problem getting the Y axis value of my player when spawning on the network


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I am developping a multiplayer VR experience using unity, unity Netcode for game objects and LBE. 

When my client spawns on the network, the position (x and z) is correct. 

However, the Y axis value stays at 0 so I spawn on the ground.

For now, I have to set a value for this Y axis but I don't like it, because it does not fit all the player's height.  

The other client's avatar in the game seem to be positioned at the right height though. 

Is it a known issue ? 


SDK version 5.3.2

Unity version 2021.3.11

Netcode version 1.5.2


Thanks in advance ! 

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Actually, it doesn't make sense. 

When my first client spawn, I correct it's height. It's new height will now be shared with everyone. 

So when a second client spawns, the position of the first client seems allright, but I think that was due to correction I made when it spawned.

The variations are ok (When I duck or jump, the Y axis value is following my movement). 




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For pose, it should matter how you exchange data between players.

I did play abit with Unity Netcode, I can get correct HMD height.

54 minutes ago, JulienActiveMe said:

but I think that was due to correction I made when it spawned

You should check this part, maybe the correction has bug? 🙂

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No, correction =  I just set the height to a certain value (1.6) because I do not want it to be 0. 


=> OnNetworkSpawn() since my Y = 0, I set it to 1.6

Once this position is set, I assume it will be shared to all the other clients that will connect from now on. 

But why is my height = 0 when I spawn ? X and Y are good, why not Y ?

In my PlayerPrefab, the parent game object's position is set to 0;0;0 as well as the playerCamera (child object containing the camera and TrackedPoseDriver). 

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For my scene, my player prefab did not have TrackedPoseDriver.

The only TrackedPoseDriver is attached to scene's camera itself.

For my player prefab for HMD,

I create a PlayerControl script, and in Update() function, I will get HMD pose and assign to transform.position and transform.rotation.

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public class PlayerControl : NetworkBehaviour
    public int speed;

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        if (!IsOwner) return;

        var hmdPose = VRModule.GetCurrentDeviceState(0);
        if (!hmdPose.isPoseValid) return;

        transform.position = hmdPose.position;
        transform.rotation = hmdPose.rotation;

By the way, I am using Vive Input Utility.

Let me know if you have further question. 🙂

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Okay, It's too late for me to change it all.
I'll think about leaving the camera out of the PlayerPrefab on V2 if needed. 

But I added the VIU, and tried to update my position using the HMD pose. 

Actually, I realized that just adding the VIU helped get the Y position, I do not need to update the position. 

Very strange to me, but this is now a closed case for me. 


Thank you very much for your help !!


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