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2 issues with Vive Focus 3 and eye-tracking on PC


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I've recently got Focus 3 but could not eye-tracking working. I have the headset and PC (Win11) connected via a network such that Vive Business Streaming (1.11.8c) running on them. This connection work and I can run PC VR apps in the headset. I also installed Stream VR (1.26.7) and Vive Console for Stream VR ( Vive Console does not see the headset at all, giving a red message (the headset can not be detected...) all the time, even when Vive Business actually streams to the headset.

Next, I tried to make eye-tracking working by running SRanipal (, since I have a test Unity app that works via TobiiXR and SRanipal. I am able to calibrate eye-tracker in the headset settings and I see that SRAnipal tray icon changes from the black to blue (see the attachment). However, the icon never becomes green (I suppose that the green indicates successful tracking) and my test Unity app never receives gaze samples. Am I right that this issue is related to SRanipal. How can I make it working?



The second issue is instability of Vive Business Streaming's connection. Very often, VBS in my headset says that it just can not find a streaming PC. Eventually, after some random time, the headset connects to PC and VBS starts working. This instability is very annoying and it happens almost every time when I turn on the headset and VBS. Interestingly, that once the connection is established, it never breaks. I double-checked my network/firewall settings on PC and router, as well as network signal quality- everything looks normal. When connection fails, the headset and PC can still ping each other in the network. Can you give me an advice how to make the connection more stable?


Thank you in advance!



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Just a update for people with similar issue,


After some tests, it turns out that Focus 3 eye-tracking actually works and sends data to a PC. However, our Unity project made for Vive Pro, don't receive gaze samples (Our project is based on ViveSR SDK+SRanipal) When we start the project, it give an error in the following function:

Error result = SRanipal_API.Initial(SRanipal_Eye.ANIPAL_TYPE_EYE, IntPtr.Zero);


This call starts SRanipal app from the Steam folder (as expected), but a returned result is always “EULA_NOT_ACCEPT”. We suppose that this result is counted as an initialization error, the SDK does not seem working after that.


The Unity log shows a similar message:



We learned that we can we bypass the EULA check by editing the SRanipalConfig.ini file. We see the SRanipalConfig.ini file inside the \Steam\steamapps\common\VIVEDriver\App\Sranipal folder, but all editing of that file is ignored. That is why we ask, what is a valid location for the SRanipalConfig.ini, if we want to edit it manually?


Some also say that the EULA message should appears in the headset view but it does not happen on our setup. The same issue has been reported several timed on VIVE developer forums, e.g. here and here, with only one recommended solution - installing an older version of SRanipal.  Is there other ways to bypass the EULA check?



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I'm inquiring further, but I believe eye tracking with the focus 3 is a fairly common configuration.

1) What version of the focus3 system software are you on?
2) What version of VBS are you currently on?


Can you try accepting the eula by launching sranipal app instead of modifying the configuration?

There have been a few updates where you may need to be on newer vbs and system versions

I'm unsure if it works in the editor, so can you try a pc build (with wave enabled on both android and pc) and tell me if you get the same error?


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Hi @Ilia,

If you are testing eye tracking on the Focus 3, have you taken a look at the Wave SDK? The Wave SDK can be downloaded from here:


Here is some documentation on getting eye tracking working with the Wave SDK:


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