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Unity's xr interaction toolkit's Ray interactor and direct interactors dont work with Vive focus 3.


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I have setup the following packages: 

1. Open XR

2. Wave Open XR Plugin

3. XR Hands

4. XR Interaction toolkit 

I havent made any changes to the hands demo provided by unity's interaction toolkit. I try to run as it is. I dont get any consoles errors that interrupts the build. In VR, I see my hands and im able to perform all poke interactions, but ray interactions or direct manipulation doesnt work. Im not sure whats wrong. Will highly appreciate any help here. Been toying with this for days now. 

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It is my understanding that the hand demo is a little new and technically may not have cross vendor support. I'm interested to see what is needed, as I can't imagine there's too much work, since afaik, it may just be a matter adding a profile to the interaction profile or making sure to enable the correct openxr extension.  The way that the openxr extension has been implemented shifted a bit from my understanding, which may be somewhat involved with what you're seeing.

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The hand visualizer is up and running here with the "hand tracking subsystem" - just not the hand interaction poses yet.


i think the "hand interaction poses" should work in this repo in the test/hand_gestures branch -- I haven't tested the main scene in the xri stuff yet, but the hand visualizer test in the xr hands package is up in working --= the hands get visualized. There's some issue with the main hand shader (probably due to some import issue - i don't think this test started on a clean branch) so it doesn't show, but the hand visualizer does show the bones/etc correctly - it's just the skinned hand doesn't render properly. : 

Looking at the "hand interaction poses" and the "palm poses" to see how much work it might be. It looks like it depends the non-standard openxr loader as a dependency right now (which could can be modified for demo purposes) and might need some minor glue code, so i'm not sure about timelines. That said, hopefully this gets you a little further than you are at the moment 🙂

Always looking for more feedback - I'm personally excited about the xr hands stuff and am a big fan of one of the authors of the package - Eric Provencher -- genuinely a nice person

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OMG! Thank you @Alex_HTC. I was able to get the hands working in XRI Unity. Like you said the hand poses and gestures are not working. But Im able to use ahnd gestures work okay with just Wave without including OpenXR. I have been tinkering with hand poses and gaze interaction. Do you have any suggestions on sample projects around gaze interaction?

Also greatly appreciate for taking the time and helping me out. 

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