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XRI Toolkit and XR Hands Compatibility with VIVE Headsets


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We've been exploring different interaction SDKs for our multiplatform app. Currently, we use separate SDKs for different headsets, but now we're looking to unify and support all headsets with a single interaction SDK. After researching, we've chosen the XRI Toolkit and XR Hands with OpenXR as our foundation.

While the Hands demo scene in the XRI Toolkit works perfectly on Oculus devices, we've encountered issues on VIVE Focus 3 headsets. Hand gestures, ray interaction, and direct touch functionalities are not functioning as expected. On the VIVE Focus 3, I can only visualize my hands (with minor deformations in the skinned mesh).

  • I'm interested to know if there are plans to make VIVE headsets fully compatible with the XRI Toolkit and XR Hands? 
  • Additionally, I'm wondering if there's a way to run a direct preview using OpenXR without enabling WaveXR from the plugin provider. Enabling WaveXR isn't ideal for our debugging purposes, as we want to address issues using the OpenXR backend directly?

Any insights or guidance on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Just want to cycle back here: is the Unity XR Hands package supported by Vive Elite? If so, what plugin(s) are required? I have only installed "VIVE OpenXR Plugin 2.2.0" so far, but from the above comment it looks like XR Hands needs some of the Wave XR plugins as well?

A brief how-to would really help here.

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