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So is TPCast Dead

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Hi, since it's been approved by the FCC, it is now possible to begin selling it in the USA. TPCast has been pursuing permission to sell their product in the USA. Furthermore, since that permission has now been granted, they can move ahead with their sales.

Per this article, there was a delay with FCC approval: https://www.vrcircle.com/tpcast-interview-with-cto-frank-zhou-discusses-tech-and-shipping-dates/ but now, as VibrantNebula has shown us, that has been resolved!

Thank you for your inquiry!

-John C

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Announced very early! (Guess to early!)

It might appear after christmas maybe.. (As a Joke)


Thing to check before any ordering is if they did solve the issues with Camera support and Microphone etc?

Maybe other versions using 5 / 2.4 GHz bands would be an alternative, but even there u can’t see a delivery date...

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Today it's the 1'st of September 2017 and guess!



(Work fine in Europe - Just placed the order on Webhallen in Sweden)


Just run away to WWW.TPCASTVR.COM and start booking!


Seems that the camera is still not supported, but might be fixed in the future!
(Guess it still will be better than beeing stucked with the cables...)

The WIFI router is still not integrated / built in to the transmitter.
(Might be in Gen 2 of the TPCast unit...)

Delivered with a Large battery, that's great! But how do I order a spare/second battery?



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