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Inquire wireless PCVR configuration with 12 routers.


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Interference occurs when configuring wireless PCVR with 12 routers.
There is no problem when configured with 6 units, but 12 units cause screen tremors, no video, or a very slow speed.
How should I change the composition?

I'd appreciate it if you could give me an answer.






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You need to look into channel conflicts. If you have an Android phone, the best way to do this is by using a WiFi analyzer app.

Depending on your network environment, you should try to find some available slots with smaller bandwidth to secure interference-free channels.

(screenshots from google)

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CT's suggestions is spot on. Offsetting channels is the #1 defense - i tend to work in wifi-heavy areas and it makes a big difference. Even more so if you have multiple routers in the same room.

I also found some additional success with using routers that support multiple bands to help prevent channel saturation in more dynamic environments - where the signals change rapidly. Some routers also have configuration to have change bands dynamically as well, so check your router admin page

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