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Marker-Based Scene Alignment - UE5?


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Does anyone know if there is a MBSA-plugin for UE5 or does that only exist for Unity?

Side note: I asked the support and was baffled by the response:

Q: "Our company is planning to enroll as a business+ client, as we want to use the marker-based scene alignemnt feature on our Focus 3 headesets.
However, i am unable to find a plugin for Unreal Engine 5. Is this strictly for Unity?"

A: "Thank you for contacting VIVE Support Center.
Regarding your inquiry, we are sorry that we cannot assist you further with it, as this is beyond the scope of our support. 
Please visit our forums at https://forum.vive.com/, this is a pee ..."


Best, 3dVision

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It appears that a specific MBSA-plugin for Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) is not widely known or available. For marker-based scene alignment in UE5, you might need to look for custom solutions or check on forums and communities for any user-created plugins or workarounds.

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