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Vive Business Streaming is interfering with Unity Application on a fundemental level

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Dear Vive Developer Team,
it took me two weeks of work to figure out, that by installing the "Vive Business Streaming" software, I get an error in a totally unrelated unity-project with my Meta Quest 3.

While using the Feature of getting the room-data in from the Quest 3 into Unity I get this error:

[OVRPlugin] [XRCMD][failure] [XR_ERROR_HANDLE_INVALID]: xrLocateSpace(*(XrSpace*)space, baseSpace, ToXrTime(GetTimeInSeconds()), &spaceLocation), arvr\projects\integrations\OVRPlugin\Src\Util\CompositorOpenXR.cpp:11831 (arvr\projects\integrations\OVRPlugin\Src\Util\CompositorOpenXR.h:302)
UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarning (object)
OVRManager:OVRPluginLogCallback (OVRPlugin/LogLevel,intptr,int) (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.sdk.core@60.0.0/Scripts/OVRManager.cs:1984)
OVRPlugin:TryLocateSpace (ulong,OVRPlugin/TrackingOrigin,OVRPlugin/Posef&,OVRPlugin/SpaceLocationFlags&) (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.sdk.core@60.0.0/Scripts/OVRPlugin.cs:10180)
OVRLocatable:TryGetSceneAnchorPose (OVRLocatable/TrackingSpacePose&) (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.sdk.core@60.0.0/Scripts/OVRAnchor/OVRAnchorComponents/OVRLocatable.cs:170)
Meta.XR.MRUtilityKit.MRUK/<LoadSceneFromDevice>d__31:MoveNext () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.mrutilitykit@60.0.0/Core/Scripts/MRUK.cs:368)
System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncMethodBuilderCore/MoveNextRunner:Run ()
OVRTask`1<bool>:SetResult (bool) (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.sdk.core@60.0.0/Scripts/Util/Async/OVRTask.cs:216)
OVRManager:UpdateHMDEvents () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.sdk.core@60.0.0/Scripts/OVRManager.cs:2767)
OVRManager:Update () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.sdk.core@60.0.0/Scripts/OVRManager.cs:2723)

This results into all the objects of the digital room not having any Transform-Data.

It took me two weeks and a complete reinstallation of Windows 10 to figure out that the moment I install Vive Business Streaming, this error occurs! I really did my homework, after every install of any software, checking if the test-project still works.

It's your software. Thanks for nothing.

The reason I installed the software is, because I want to use the Ultimate Tracker. Now I have to do this on a totally seperate machine, until you fix that issue.

Florian Buchholz

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I had the same problem. Uninstalling "Vive Business Streaming" fixed this XR_ERROR_HANDLE_INVALID issue.

But also many other issues like "DllNotFoundException" errors I've been having for a long time. When pressing "play" button in Unity Editor + Quest 2 via Link.

My workaround was to
Press Play button in non-VR, Stop. connect Quest Link, then Press Play button to play in VR.

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I want to bring this to attention again because the business streaming app is causing my Unity to crash when streaming to a meta quest 3. Uninstalling the app fixes all crashes. It's like OpenXR is conflicting between the 2 or something 

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