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software - creating in VR


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I'm looking for some software, where I can in VR create some blocks or simple objects ... box on box ... add  connection between objects etc. ... creating objects maybe like in Sketchup?


do you have some tips?


thank you


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Hi  - depending on what you want to do with what you create, there are a few options.


MakeVR (on Viveport) is a professional-grade CAD tool, which can even be used to create 3D printable objects. Despite being pro-level it's still easy to get into and use.


Blocks, by Google, is a new tool that's super-easy to use and lets you build whatever shapes take your fancy. It's less precise than MakeVR, but it's free.


I'm sure there are others, but those are good starts.

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thank you for your tips


"MakeVR" looks very good, but it some way how test it?? the price is not small :/ its possible download demo or trial version?


"Blocks" look good, but its really only for good start

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