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SteamVR is missing on my virtual reality glasses


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Hello! I need you help! Steam vr is missing on my virtual reality glasses, I can't launch the app from the catalog, it's just not there! Everything is running on the computer!

Here is a video from YouTube, for example, there is SteamVR installed on the headset, but I don't have it!!


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5 hours ago, jiunlin said:


Чтобы просмотреть содержимое гарнитуры для ПК и запустить его из библиотеки гарнитур, вам необходимо сначала выполнить сопряжение со своим компьютером, а затем переключиться на библиотеку ПК с помощью переключателя в правом верхнем углу панели запуска.

Вот видеоурок и страница поддержки для вашей справки.


Thanks, The pairing is done, it doesn't work

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You don't need to manually launch SteamVR from the headset. I can see that you've selected "PC - Installed" on the headset launcher. You just need to launch the VR app or game from the page you are on (such as The Room VR).

If you wanted to go into SteamVR Home, then launch any PC VR application and exit it. You will automatically be taken to SteamVR Home.

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@Cdelphi78 So, your PC -installed library is empty? Or, just some apps are missing?

If this is the case, usually that is something wrong while VIVE Streaming Hub server querying SteamVR library. Can you see your apps in library of PC Steam client?

Restart VIVE Streaming Hub and all SteamVR processes could recover, or simply reboot the PC.

If still no luck, you can report issue to upload logs by VIVE Streaming Hub Console for VIVE support team to check.

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