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Using the Thumb Rest inputs on Focus 3 controllers


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I got my VIVE XR Elite, where two Focus 3 controllers are included. I suppose they are Focus 3 according to this https://www.vive.com/ca/support/focus3/category_howto/about-controllers.html because the layout matches exactly to what I have. I started to utilize this new headset in my app and I wanted to use those Thumb Rest inputs. When googling, I saw that there should be some capacitive sensors in there. I am using VIVE Business Streaming 1.10.12 and SteamVR 1.21.12. It seems impossible to find anything about this kind of input. SteamVR reports the controllers to be vive_cosmos_controller, which is weird. I'd expect to see vive_focus3_controller or something similar. I have looked through all the files in C:\Program Files\VIVE Business Streaming\RRDriver\htc_business_streaming\resources\input but did not find anything relevant to the thumb rest area. Also, I haven't seen this input working in any VIVE app. Otherwise the controllers work fine. Any ideas?



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Hi Stez,

I would separate to two comments as below.

1. By default, VBS enables controller compatibility mode to report Focus 3 controller as Cosmos controller to SteamVR. You can disable controller compatibility mode in VBS Console, then you will see vive_focus3_controller. However, both modes will fallback to Touch controller according to SteamVR setup. For content compatibility, I will suggest to support more controller types.

2. Thumb rest is not supported by VBS currently.

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