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Headset not tracking

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Hello, I have been talking to the vive technical support for 3 days now and they do not know how to fix my problem so they sent me over here.    I have 4 headsets and all 4 of them stopped tracking at the same time. When we start up the steamvr they say ready but when we put them on they turn gray or somtimes they fly you out of the area you are in and then turn gray. They seem to all start working around 2pm centural time for some reason.  

Here is what we have tried:

Blacking out the whole room

Changing the usb ports

swicthing out the link boxes and cables 

restrating the computer 

updating the driver software for the graphics cards

removing the update of the graphics cards and reverting to a pervious version

removing all usb devices from steamvr

updating the usb ports on the motherboard

turning off all bluetooth and wireless devices 

switching usb ports, 2.0 to 3.0 and 3.0 to 2.0 

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It's consistently 2pm? Do you have any electrical devices that stop running around 2pm? It's entirely possible there's something that's drawing a lot of power on the same breaker as your Vive base stations and it's causing them to loose tracking.

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I would check for system software on the computer you are running to see if anything is scheduled to run full time except between 2:00 and 3:00 PM when the Vive works. Almost sounds like something in the system is hogging all the system resources or possibly shutting off USB ports?

This IS very odd.

Regards: Jack

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Not really. I am seeing on the room overview that that headset just wonders off even if I have it in my hand or sitting on a chair. I have finely tuned the lighthouses so that they are at a perfect shot at each other. As for the breakers that go to the individual stations they all are on their own seperate  ones. I have also removing all USB devices from the pc and reinstalling them, uninstalling recent update for graphics card driver, removed all steamVR usb devices, and your post on another tracking issue with deleting the bin file on the lighthouses.


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