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VIVE Streaming Hub - 1.5.10 - Beta release notes

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VIVE Streaming Hub - 1.5.10 - Beta release notes
Released on March 1st ,2024

VIVE Streaming Hub - 1.5.10

  • Added an OSC option for eye and facial tracking data in VRChat.

VIVE Streaming - 1.14.6a

  • Enhanced wireless streaming experience in unstable network conditions. (Requires VIVE Streaming app
  • [Enterprise] Added support to VIVE Ultimate Tracker POGO pin input on VIVE XR Elite. Currently supports trigger, grip and touchpad. (VIVE XR Elite 1.0.999.562 required)
  • Added support for controller parking binding ( thumb rest )
  • Fixed an issue where the VIVE Ultimate Tracker was not correctly recognized as the VIVE Tracker in OpenXR applications.

VIVE Streaming app - (Please connect VIVE XR Elite to PC via USB or wireless to update)

  • Enhanced the visual quality of wireless streaming, preventing blurriness under low network bandwidth conditions.
  • Fixed an unexpected runtime error overlay that may occurred after changing streaming graphics preferences.
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