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UE5.2 Focus 3 Inputs

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I've been really struggling getting the inputs working for my project. I've gone back to the basics and started with the VR Template project using UE 5.2. 

I know the enhanced inputs and mappings work perfectly as they should from the Vive sample project: https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/unreal/unreal-download/latest/

  • I have run this project in editor;
    • ViveOpenXR plugin is enabled and all other plugins like oculus are disabled etc.
    • SteamVR(2.4.3) has been set to the current OpenXR runtime to use. Is running and shows the headset is connected. 
    • Vive Business Streaming(1.14.8BETA) is running and shows the headset is connected 
    • Can run in editor and use controllers to set off the IA nodes (which I have set to print a string to show its working and sending an output) 


That project works completely fine which is great. It also builds to an OBB and can be installed and works perfectly fine in standalone as well! 

Moving to the VRTemplate project is where my issues begin. 

Same as the previous project, I have;

  • Got both SteamVR and VBS running
  • Plugins are correct and same as they are in the vive project 
  • Inputs have been added to each of the mappings (specifically the focus 3 inputs)
  • Have ensured that the context mappings have been added correctly on begin play in the VR Pawn. 

When I attempt to play in editor, there is no input coming from the controllers what so ever. Same as the picture above, I added print strings to the IA node but nothing prints.

Weirdest thing is that if we build the VRTemplate project to android, the inputs seem to work perfectly fine with no issue. I just cant seem to get the inputs working in editor. 

  1. I have been through all the project settings to see if there are any massive differences and there arent any that I can see. 
  2. I have migrated the mappings from the Vive project and replaced the context mapping with those instead
  3. I have copied bits from the various BPs that exist in the vive project etc. 

Any help? I'm guessing I'm missing a setting or something? 

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Just found that the VRExpansion Plugins sample projects inputs work in editor! Will go through an compare settings here also to see if I can figure out what preventing the input issues! 

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Out of curiosity, I made a new VR template from scratch to see if it was working (the one I had before, may have had an old version of the ViveOpenXR plugin) and after adding the plugin and inputs, it seems to be working 🥳 Not sure what the difference was other than it potentially that I had played with too many settings and something was set weirdly? Will look into it and post a reply if I find what the issue was.

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Did manage to get the inputs to work in editor for my project in the end. Just needed to add the Play Mappable Input Config in the project settings under OpenXR Inputs. 🙂

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