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[UNITY] Accessing Ultimate Trackers by role using New Input System on Android

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Right now it only seems to be possible to get the trackers as role-less devices unless I directly use the Wave SDK to address them. I need my code to be as agnostic as possible though, as I already have an implementation that handles OpenXR for UTs and Wrist Trackers, and Wave SDK for Wrist Trackers, using the Unity Input System and bindings as all of those are exposed correctly in the Input System.

Doing a development build and using Input Debugger remotely I can see the tracker but I don’t seem to have a path available that assigns it to the right foot for instance (which is what it’s assigned to in the headset). Or is WaveTracker2 always the right foot maybe?

Using Unity 2021, Focus 3.



Edit: Just updated to the latest Wave SDK and now get a more detailed serial number instead of "WaveTracker2", but that still doesn't really solve my problem as I still can't tell what role it is

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