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Is there a way to get the headset language selected from the Focus 3 Lobby in Unity. We're looking mostly at the distinction between Spanish (Latin America) vs Spanish (Spain)  since application.SystemLanguage does not show a distinction between the two when selected in application.  



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Hi @jwatson,

You can use below code to get the language and country to differentiate between Spanish (Latin America) and Spanish (Spain).

string GetSystemLanguage()
	AndroidJavaClass lc = new AndroidJavaClass("java/util/Locale");
	AndroidJavaObject dl = lc.CallStatic<AndroidJavaObject>("getDefault");
	string language = dl.Call<string>("getLanguage");
	string country = dl.Call<string>("getCountry");

	return language + "-" + country;

For Spanish (Latin America), you will get es-419.

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