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[Unity/MR] Bouncing Duel MR – A shooting game demonstrates Spatial Computing technology


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VIVE team released an open-source project: Bouncing Duel MR

The Bouncing Duel MR is a new Spatial Computing technology game, made by our Scene Perception feature for the mesh collider effect and Spatial Anchor for the multi-player game to bring a new XR experience. All the virtual objects in the game can be interactive with you! Enjoy Bounce, Shoot, Dodge and Defence experience with your friend. Let's start a duel!


Git Hub


  • Vive XR Elite (ROM Version 1.0.999.568 above)
  • Unity 2021.3.16f1
  • VIVE Wave XR Plugin 5.5.0-r.10
  • VIVE Input Utility 1.18.3

Read more about MR features


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