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UE5.3 3D VR Template game uploads to XR Elite as 2D game and won't run

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Good day!

I have been developing for the XR Elite on a work laptop (Windows 10) using UE 5.1. I have been able to establish a workflow and deploy my projects without issues. I'm now trying to do some development on a new computer (Windows 11) at home and I need to use UE5.3 because of a third party package I hope to use in the future. I want to make sure that my workflow on my new computer at home is configured correctly and I "think" I have followed all of the steps that I have found for developing Android apps with UE5.3. I wanted to use the UE VR Template as a baseline to test the computer configuration before going any further. I can build the VR Template. However, when I upload it to the headset, it installs as a 2D application and will not execute in the headset.

It's probably something simple or an SDK/NDK incompatibility or something. I copied the UE5.1 project from my work computer to my home computer and compared the settings and plugins in between each project but I just can't find the differences.

Any ideas of where to look?

Thanks in advance! 

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Thanks for the response!

I'm using the Vive OpenXR plugin and I've run through the steps on the Unreal documentation again. 

I'm wondering if my Android stuff isn't configured correctly. When I run SetupAndroid.bat I have never been prompted to accept the license agreement (I thought this was a MUST) and I also get the following warning:

Warning: Errors during XML parse:
Warning: Additionally, the fallback loader failed to parse the XML.

Also, the headset is running Android 10 but I'm not sure exactly which versions of the SDK/NDK I should use in my projects for UE 5.3.

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Hi @DRSpearing,

Could you provide apk(required developement build) or log file for further assistance?

C:\Users\<Account>\AppData\Roaming\Unreal Engine\AutomationTool\Logs\E+Program+Files+Epic+Games+UE_5.3

Below is an example of our SDK and NDK settings,


You can also checkout below document to setup your SDK and NDK.


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I had them exactly like what you have in the above message. I'm sorry, but I just came into work and I'm not at that computer. I can send confirmation this evening.

I did bring the .apk with me to work. Is there a way I can get it to you?

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