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Unity APK Build Shows Up as 2D App on XR Elite


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I'm trying to test a VR scene in Unity by building and running the APK on my XR Elite headset, but every time I build the APK, it comes up as a 2D app on the headset instead of a normal VR application. All of my build settings appear to be correct, and I can test-run the scene while tethered to my PC, but there has to be something wrong that I didn't catch. I checked the XR Plug-In Management and Initialize XR On Startup is checked for PC and Android. 


Any ideas?



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@VIVE_chengnay I don't have Wave XR in this project because there's an error in the Build Check that says something about there being no definition for "GetVirtualRealitySDKs" so I've just been using the XR Interaction Toolkit. I'm not sure if there's a newer version of the Wave XR plugin, but the one on the Unity Asset Store (v 3.2.0) hasn't been updated since 2020.

I'm not seeing a Plugin folder under Assets in my Unity project folder. There is a AndroidManifest.xml file within the project, but it's under Library/PackageCache/com.unity.xr.management@4.4.1/xrmanifest.androidlib - I'd rather make sure that's the correct one before I start deleting things haha.

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Alright, I just installed the latest version. I got one compilation error - 


Library\PackageCache\com.htc.upm.wave.xrsdk@8edec1329d\Runtime\WaveXRSettingsHelper.cs(25,50): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'WaveXRSettings' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

I appreciate your help, @VIVE_chengnay

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