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HTC doesn't want to fullfill warranty by EU LAW.


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I contacted HTC support, and got a reply that HTC only warrant a 1 year warranty.

By EU Law, we have 2 years of warranty.

EULA does not rule over EU law, In Sweden we have 2 years of warranty aswell.


The issue i have is that both my controllers have an identical issue, the batteries have swollen, and a physical deformation has occured, I'm afraid of recharging them as the batteries could explode.

This means my HTC Vive is unusable.


I have not used the controllers very much at all, in the time i've had them, and im very careful of my electronics, the controllers is in mint condition otherwise.


I guess i could report the issue to ARN here in Sweden, but i'd really rather have a good solution instead, and that HTC would honor the EU law.

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Just want to update here, the controllers won't start anymore, and it doesn't charge either. I've tried all the ways to try to get them to start. My estimation is that the battery of both controllers has died.


I tried to find replacement batteries, but couldn't find any. Still waiting for the ARN investigation to complete.

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