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Forcing specific framerate


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Developing in Unity 2022 using the Wave SDK (not OpenXR).

I need our application to run at the lowest available framerate, so I use the interop WVR_GetAvailableFrameRates to get the available framerates, then set it with a call to WVR_SetFrameRate(lowestFrameRate);

What is the difference between doing that, and setting the framerate through Unity with Application.targetFrameRate = (int)lowestFrameRate;

Should I do both? Or is Application.targetFrameRate ignored?

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Using  WVR_SetFrameRate seems to work, I was just wondering if just calling  WVR_SetFrameRate is the correct way to set framerate, or if Application.targetFrameRate should also be set?

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Hi @TAsmund,

According to your result, calling WVR_SetFrameRate works.

And, according to below statement, VR platforms ignore both QualitySettings.vSyncCount and Application.targetFrameRate.

5 hours ago, VIVE_chengnay said:

I don't think you will need to set Application.targetFrameRate.

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