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How do I access apps I download from Viveport?


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I realize that sounds like a ridiculous question, but I'm stumped.


Since my Vive arrived, I have not used the Vive software, but rather relied entirely on Steam.

I would like to start using Viveport, but when I purchase something it says it is "added to the vive desktop app". 

I Googled and found this could be referring to what is known as "Vive Home", but starting that shows no sign of Viveport and no sign of my software being downloaded. Things downloaded from Viveport are also absent from Steam.


tldr; How do I access the stuff I download from Viveport? Please explain it like I'm 5.


Thank you.

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I think there are a few bugs in the desktop client as I have been struggling to get it to work for about 4 hours so far. I too can goto the webpage and select stuff for my library but nothing shows up in Vive home so I thought I'd download it again from the desktop app......NOPE not working, all that I get is a box appear saying "processing". I am hoping that a patch will be issued pretty darn  quick to solve all of these issues.


The only thing I can suggest is re-download the desktop client and hope it is the updated version. Good Luck.

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Hi  (and others). Let me take a crack at the ELI5 version.


(Working on a more detailed FAQ than this, by the way, but this will serve as a stopgap.)


Viveport is separate from Steam and purchases made in Viveport are not automatically added to your Steam Library (although, like other titles, you can add Viveport-purchased games to your Steam library as non-Steam apps, if you wish).


To start with, if you don't already have it, download the Vive desktop app. If you've only ever used SteamVR, you may not have it at all. You can download it here:




If your Vive is already set up you can go with the second option, the Vive Software Installer. Once you have this downloaded, install it and it should leave you with a Vive shortcut on your desktop. Run that - you will need to login to the HTC account you created when purchasing through Viveport.


Within the desktop app you should see a 'Library' tab which should list any purchases you made via Viveport. You will install them from here. Then, within VR, you can select 'Viveport' from the main menu on the left hand side. There you should be able to access your library and titles.


Hope that helps. It's v1.0 of Viveport and we really appreciate the feedback, which will help us improve Viveport going forward.

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For some reason, I can see my purchases in the library of my account when I login from a google search link.  But, when I click on my desktop app, the library is empty. 

I am now unable to download anything from the viveport store.  I have tried both free downloads and $$ downloads.


Hopefully these issues get resolved quickly.

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Hopefully this will help others.  I simply logged out of my desktop app and logged back in.  My purchases now show up and I was also able to purchase another title, where before it would just lock up saying processing.


Now to look into the process of importing the viveport games into Steam so I can run everything from one place.

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Just want to add some more information.


A reply above did seem to solve my issue.

Couple extra bits of info though, 

-I tried to add the purchased game to my Steam library as a non-Steam game, but the games would not launch (well technically they launched, but only showed up on my Desktop as a mirror, and not in my HMD, which was perpetually stuck in the loading area)

-The way to make it work for me involved me starting Vive Home first, then the Vive Desktop App, then clicking Open on the game. 


Maybe it's not as finicky as I make it out to be, but I tried doing various things in various orders, and the above was the only one that worked for me. Hopefully this changes in the future.


Either way, the original issue I posted about has been solved, so thank you.

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I will give a better description of what/when my issues occurred.  If others had not experienced the same issues, I would have figured mine was entirely self-imposed.


Although I have had the vive desktop app from the time I setup my Vive, I did not realize I could access the "new" viveport from there.  My first thought was to google the viveport store.  After following the google link, I just logged in with my HTC info and I was scrolling away through the viveport offerings.


I made two purchases with no issues.  When I attempted my third purchase, I experienced the processing lock up screen.  I figured it may be a payment processing issue, so I attempted a free download.  Same issue.


In the process of trying to figure out what the problem was, I clicked on my desktop app.  Well, what do you know - it provides access to viveport!  That is when I noticed my two original purchases were not showing up in the library from the desktop app (they were showing up in the library from my google link).


All issues were resolved as mentioned above - logging out of my desktop app and logging back in.


Side Note:  I am not a very good typist so this reply was a bit painful.  I wrote it once without realizing I wasn't logged in yet.  When I hit the "post" button I was prompted to log in - BUT - my entire reply was gone!  You guys are killing me here! :smileyfrustrated:

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