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No Repair Status!


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I sent my Vive in for repair, and on 9/12/17 at 11 am UPS told me they recieved it. It's two days later, and I have still recieved no confimation at all from the repair center in Houston. In addition it has not show up on the HTC Repair tracking as delivered it is still in the initiated phase on the site which is ridiculous. It still has no tracking number based on the website and the ticket was opened on 9/7/17! This gives them only 7 more days before the ticket is closed, and that is not right. I need whoever it is who works there to freaking update it so that the ticket is not closed. I packaged the thing like the $800 piece of equipment that it is along with the proper documentation both inside and outside it, and I will NOT go down without a fight if they close that ticket, and I will file in small claims if it is kept by them as "abandoned" as described in the HTC Repair Service Terms & Conditions in part 7 due to their slowness. Hurricane or no, it doesn't take two days to send a confirmation email and update a repair status.

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