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Audio stopped working suddenly


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I have been using my Vive headset for a year now. The audio has always worked fine. 


One day I replugged my Vive into a different USB port then the audio stopped working completely.


These are ALL the things I have tried to troubleshoot and non of them works.


  1. Plug the USB back to the port that worked before
  2. Replugged every port on the Link Box and on the Headset
  3. Made sure the headphones work by checking on another device
  4. Removed all USB Devices in SteamVR developer settings and reinstalled all drivers
  5. Factory Reset the Vive Headset and reinstall all firmware
  6. Try the headset on a new PC
  7. Set audio to mirror to Vive's USB Audio Device and Vive's VIVE-HDMI-X devices
  8. Tried every single port on a PC
  9. Check all audio settings to make sure its on max volume

I verify that sound is not working using the SteamVR home. I should be hearing birds chirping in the background. I tested that there is sound by changing the audio device to my speakers and I can hear the birds, but once i set it back to Vive's audio devices, its completely silent.


Can anyone please point me to the right direction...





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