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i am  angry, i bought HTC VIVE and get ONE MONTH free trial on you VIVE application for games. And ARE YOU TRULY kidding me that you without my permision paid another months from card i am using only on STEAM ????? I never put any card information in to your client and now my roommate has less money than he should have and noone know nothing about it ??? 


SO THATS NOT THE WAY we will work together i am waiting for some refund ! 

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Hi  - first of all, send me a PM with the email address associated with your account and if you have been charged when you weren't supposed to, we'll get that refunded.


You should only be charged after your first month's trial is completed, and then, only if you've entered your credit card details within Viveport.com or in the Viveport desktop client. That's only possible if you've created an account. If you used Steam to login (which creates an account) you would still need to separately enter your credit card details - we cannot (and do not) 'share' credit card details with Steam. (It's illegal, for one thing!)


If you have been charged however, happy to get you refunded. Click my name and then click 'send a message' to get in touch.

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