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Can't Redeem Code


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Thanks for replying  


I was having the same problem as bucrepus. Successfully signing in using my Steam linked account, choosing my redemption package but then hitting a brick wall with the HTC Vive login page- I couldnt sign in with my HTC account or select the register as the sign in box just kept reappearing.


It is no longer an issue, I did manage to get in later in the day and redeem the codes but it was a waste of time as they can only be downloaded and accessed via Viveport anyway. Our organisation has very strict Proxy settings and will only enable us to use Steam for our VR equipment.

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We purchased 3 units about 18 months ago and installed Tilt Brush on all 3 following a long drawn out process after getting Steam product keys from HTC because our IT department couldn't locate the redemption card that was suposed to be in the boxes.

We have just BOUGHT Tilt Brush for our 4th recently purchased unit because a teacher needed to use it ASAP and couldn't really wait for me to solve the above mentioned issues about log in then Viveport only redemption.

Is there anyway we can get Steam product keys for the newly purchased unit  please  ? I know that Tilt Brush, Plank Experience and Everest are all available through Steam

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