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How to use controllers without headset


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, thats very sad! I see tons of applications where it makes sense to use the controllers without the headset! I am building a tracked camera rig for volumetric capture using the controllers. Its very cumbersome to have the headset connected all the time.  However, I may be able to cope with it if I find out a way to de-activate the headset as a main camera in  unity, and use a standard camera instead. Is this possible? I have tried to delete the Camera (head) object in camera rig with no success...


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, This article from Triad Semiconductor is the closest thing I can point you towards offical advice. It's definitely possible, just not something officially by Vive ;) The issue arises within SteamVR, not Unity. My background is in photogrammetry/volumetric capture; I'd love to see what you come up with. Feel free to PM me anytime. 

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It's actually pretty easy in Unity to have another camera display on the screen that is not the Vive camera, you just create another camera in the scene and go to the camera's component settings and change the Target Eye to "None (Main Display)", assuming you are using the SteamVR unity plugin to make your HTC Vive app.

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