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Need some tech help please


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Hi all I have a question regarding the Vive desktop app and the processes that it uses. For some reason this app or its processes are causing my GPU to idle 15°C higher than normal (30°C is normal - 46°C idle when Vive/processes run). Even after I shut the vive app fully down the temps dont drop, I have to stop a few processes to get it to return to normal. These processes are : 

HTCVRMarketplaceUserContextHelper (x2 of those)




Why would one of these affect my GPU so much when I am not using it ?  My GPU is the EVGA 980TI FTW edition


Any help would be appreciated as I also think that this extra temp is carrying over to when I use the VR headset, making it run at around 75°C instead of normal 60°C whilst using fullscreen normal gaming.

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Thanks for the report, . I hope it's obvious I didn't write the software, but I'll pass on the feedback to our software engineering team for them to look at.


When you mentioned the HMD, I assume you're referring to the GPU temp again, right? 

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