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Best location for base stations


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Was wondering if someone could assist in the best places for the base stations, i am debating if to them face one another or to have them on each side of the same wall (facing one another was my initial plan but i am now concious that one would be some what behind the headset and might not offer the best connection whilst I'm not sure if the later plan would work better or not.


Below is a basic paint 10 second layout plan of how i am thinking of room set up, Station A i would prefer to keep somewhere close to where it is if possible, station B is the one i am debating, would the alternative (green) be better or the original station B (red) be better (though would be mostly behind the headset), the headset (blue) has an arrow indicating the direction i generally face whilst playing (for the most i play standing or sitting).

Anyone able to advise please? I have been using my base stations recently just setting them anywhere but i plan to mount them now so don't wish to have to move them around a lot.


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Thank you for the reply,


I will try them oppisites as suggested, i wasn't sure if they needed to face the front of the headset or not but did some playing around today and seems  them responded just fine having one oppisite (and behind the headset), i have used my vive a fair bit since purchase but look forward to being able to mount the stations so i can play more effectively.


Thanks for the help

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