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Unable to use ID or Passport to reedem Fallout 4 VR code


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I wanted to reedem the Fallout 4 VR code but it does not work.

I live in Germany and i am hungarian and i can not use my hungarian id. I can not use my passport either because it is hungarian and the lines do not match and it is expired. How could i verify my identity?


Thanks and sorry for my bad english.


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i have the same problem. There are actually more apps which require me to fill in the ID information to be able to purchase them or even select them in my subsription. My problem also is, while living in Germany, i have a romanian ID and passport, so the passport number and the IDD are in a completely different format and therefore useless to be able to purchase/select these apps. I have to mention that i have 2 accounts (one over steam, one HTC) and both have my birthday entered, but none of them lets me past the age check, with no option to change the format of the IDD/passport number to match the romanian IDD/pass. number. What am I supposed to do to be able to select/buy those apps?

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well don't bother now:


[uPDATE] Our Sairento VR, Accounting+, Arizona Sunshine and The Wizards pre-sale deal is out of stock! Check back on 11/20 for Black Friday deals.


Very disappointed and not impressed with the viveport platform unfortunately :( Blocking some users from making purchases is not be the best buisness strategy... In this case you don't miss out on money but you did miss out on encouraging users to use your platform more ;)

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