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Vive Controller's trackpads do not click to the right of the trackpad.


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Hi. I've purchased Vive back in May this year and used it collectively for about 30-40 hours since then (so not that much). I've always had trouble clicking on trackpad but it hasn't been that big of a deal, since I never needed that functionality fully. I've got Fallout 4 VR today and realized that I cannot play that game with both of my controllers not being able to click to the right of the trackpad. I am pretty sure it is all under warranty, if not please suggest further course of action.

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MeToo....   Got my vive little over a month ago  Looking back the problem was there before but I just thought it was the apps that were shonky.  Now that with Fallout I've realised my controllers are er.... shonky.  Common problem from a quick google.  


I recently warranteed a table saw from Bunnings... 

Walked into store demonstrated problem...

No Problem sir  have a brand new product


Having seen whats on the google I am now interested in htc's response now that Fallout's release will highlight what appears to be a design problem

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It is so annoying. I am so frustrated to find out that I can't play the game I've preordered with the Vive set that is by itself was more expensive than Oculus. I mean I would understand if this issue was one in a few millions, but I have both of my controllers having exactly the same issue and I see people reporting the same. And still no reply from Vive people. I am deeply dissapointed.

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Hello to both of you.
It sounds like you're both experiencing similar issues with your controllers. Have you contacted our support via Live Chat yet or are you waiting on repairs to be completed?

Let me know where you're at and PM me if you need to send private information.

Thank you,

-John C

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Thank you for all your help. 

For those who are struggling with the same issue - Vive does fix controllers as long as they are under warranty and were not deliberately damaged. I had to send the controllers to the repair centre, but they fixed those pretty quick and returned those back to me within a week. 
This does not forgive the issue though. I am not the first and not the last person getting the same issue. It did cost me personal time and even money to get it fixed. I would understand if it was only one controller broken, but both? - for such an expensive toy they sure did use cheap parts.


The support has been wonderful though. I would mark this issue as closed.

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I was unfortunately unable to PM you. Couldn't find link!

This same issue started yesterday with one of my controllers, being unable to press up/left/right on the thumb pad.

Are there any certified repair locations so that I could go in person to a location so I'm not without a controller for an entire week, as that would be rather inconvenient, especially during Christmas/New Year's when multiple people are looking forward to trying it out for the first time! Don't want to say "Yeah sorry we can't play Space Pirate, since weapons selection is broken!" or whatnot. Not a great image =(


If there are locations to fix, I'm in Ottawa ON if that helps. I was unable to reach live chat, as it was offline when I tried (just a few minutes ago)

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