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Redeem code no packages


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When I enter the code for Virtual Sports that come with the Racket Sports Set with VIVE Tracker all it shows is the choose your package screen but there are no packages listed below.  I tried from within Vive, IE, Firefox and Chrome.  All do the same thing.  I did a chat yesterday but after loading the app that would allow the support person to remote to my pc he disconnected the chat session.  I gave up at that point and just bought Virtual Sports since it was on sale and I had already wasted more time than it was worth.

OS is Windows 10


 Choose Your Package

According to your code, you can choose from the packages below.
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Hi ,


Not sure if you have a screenshot of what you're seeing, but if so, could you post it (or send it to me in a PM?). Apologies you had the issue, but we'd like to see if we can fix. Please PM me with your email address (that you tried to redeem on) and the code itself, and we can investigate further.

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Huge apologies. I realized we've sent you in the wrong direction. Quite frankly, most of our code redemption queries are about the codes that come with the Vive; in this case you have a Viveport code. That should be redeemed in the Vive / Viveport desktop client.


Here's instructions on how to redeem. This is covered in our FAQ, but I'm going to break it into a separate FAQ for cases like this. I'm sorry we led you astray here.


How to redeem your Vive/Viveport codes


To redeem a Viveport code


1) Download and install the Viveport desktop client (PC only). Note: You may have already installed the client as part of your Vive setup process.


2) Launch the client. You should be logged in to your HTC account (created, again, during setup - it will usually be the same login you use to access the forums).


3) Click your portrait at the top right of the client screen (pictured left). Click 'redeem content'.


4) Enter your Viveport content codes, one at a time, into the box and click 'Redeem'.


5) You should find your new Viveport content in your Library, ready to be downloaded.


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