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Error trying to open purchased VivePort App


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Whether its from my desktop, or inside the VR viveport screen, when I navigate to my Library of purchased viveport apps and click OPEN, I get this message every time:



Oops, something goes wrong, please try again later. error: UnexpectedException


When i'm doing that from the headset, I don't see that error, it just takes me back to the viveport base. No game. 


What am I missing? Thanks so much

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Hi , thanks for the report. I can't tell you what you're missing right now, I'm afraid - I'm escalating this, but just to help track it down, if you could provide me with a few more details I'd appreciate it.


- If you could provide a screenshot of the error message from your desktop, I'd appreciate it (post it here, or PM it to me)


- This happens with every Viveport app - can you name which ones you have in your library?


- To clarify on the headset - you're in the Viveport 'space', select an app, select 'Open' and it takes you back to the Viveport 'space' with no error on-screen, correct? (Is there any error left on your monitor?)


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks so much for getting back to me!


Here is the error message screenshot:


The Apps that I am getting this message on are "theBlu" and "Pearl". I have purchased several other games, but haven't downloaded them (because of the error in getting these first ones functioning). 


And yes, that is exactly what happens. I navigate to my library through Viveport Headset UI, click "Open" and am taken back to the home-space. 


I'll also mention that I can play games purchased through SteamVR perfectly. It's just these ones on Viveport. 


Let me know, thanks again. 







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Hi , to give you an update on this. Your log helped!


This is related to Norton, which is seeing the Viveport download as 'hostile' because it's DRM encrypted. We're working on a solution to this, but in the interim, you will need to get Norton to stop auto-deleting the .EXE file.


I don't have Norton and I can't be sure which version you're using, but this forum post details how to make Norton 360 stop removing EXE files. Searching for 'Norton removing EXE files' seems to bring up similar advice as well. Essentially you have to let Norton know Viveport isn't a virus (it's not honest!) and make sure it doesn't auto-delete... then you should be good to go.


If this works for you hit 'Accept as solution' so I know! :)

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Hey , go to this thread for details on how to send logs after a Viveport crash. I'll split that into a different topic, too.


The 'accept as solution' thing is just here in the forums. If someone (anyone!) replies to someone's problem and it solves the issue, then click the 'accept as solution' button to let them know it's been solved. (It also adds some navigation to help people find that solution.) Hope that makes sense?

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