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How to turn off Vive Headsett


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First, sorry if my english is bad. Not soo  good at english, but I try my best.

I got a HTC Vive. Works very fine. But I woundring. How to turn off headsett/glasses and base stations correctly?
When I close the VRsteam app, the headsett glasses goes black.
And then I turn off the computer. The headsett are still black, but the green light on the side is on.
Is that okay? When the glasses is black and a little green light on the side? Or must I unplug the powercable to the box between the pc and headsett? Or can that always stay whit the power cabel in the wall?

On the base stations I always pull out the power cable. My computer don’t have bluetooth. Is that the only way to turn off the base’s then??

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Hello there!


Keeping the headset plugged in - fine! The green light is okay, not a problem.


You can unplug your base stations between uses, and yes, that's the only way to power them down without Bluetooth. You may want to look into buying a power cord switch - maybe something similar to this - which will allow you to turn the base stations on/off without having to remove the plugs from the wall.


Hope that helps!

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Hello, I am worried about the Headset becuase When i wake up in the morning after about 9 hours of not use,

I am tuching the Headset And its WARM!.

It really bothers me and I wish that you could tell me if thats OK or not.

I still dont think there should be a green light turned on in the headset while im sleeping...

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 - if it's warm, it means power is flowing though the device and potentially some of the internal IC is being used. That said, it should not be green when you're not using it. You simply close SteamVR and the HMD goes into a standby with a red light on the side. 

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So when i click on Reset Headset in steam vr settings, i get a red glow on the headset, then, when it finishes the restart it becomes green again, I think there is no problem actually, when im not using the headset for about 1 minute i get a “standing by” in Steam vr panel, then the light on the headset becomes DIM green, very low light green, when i move my headset a little bit it becomes Bright green again, Can you check if the newer version of the HTC Vive maybe dim green in standing by mode so i can sleep Without bothering about the headset, it’s actually 4:15 AM..

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 - it sounds like everything is working as intended. If the HMD is plugged in and SteamVR is open, you'll get a green light. If the proximity sensor in the HMD does not detect a user, the headset will enter standby mode which usually be accompanied by a dim green light. I think Valve used confusing language here as I would label this as "idle" rather than standby. 


The light will be red if power is supplied to the HMD but SteamVR does not have an active connection to the HMD either due to the SteamVR compositor (the runtime) being closed or because of some technical error that keeps the HMD from initializing. 

Green = connected to SteamVR and an active VR pipeline is established to the HMD 

Red = Not ready but the HMD has a supply of power. It's 100% cool to have the HMD plugged in to your PC and power but not running SteamVR - the redlight basically means standby. 

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