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Everest VR download problem


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I've updated to the latest Viveport, ran it as administrator.

Disabled Windows Firewall & Real-Time Protection.

Starting downloading Everest VR.

All seemed to be going well, but at 17% I got the usual Internal Error.

Retry starts from 0% (as always).

Guess this title is never going to work for me, even though I actually have all the files downloaded.

Maybe a future Vive update will fix this issue, i.e. so that it will scan all installed files, recognise that an app has been completed and add it to the library, also allowing you to resume downloading after an error would be nice.




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Update on this issue.

I have First Person Tennis installed and working.

Tried to update today, and at 2% it failed with 'internal error'.

So there is something strange going on here, e.g. a process that is interrupting the download process.

Only seems to be a problem with Viveport, though, as other apps (e.g. Steam) download ok.

When this error occurs, it would be nice if Viveport would do a file check and if all ok, resume where it left off, or re-download file(s) that got corrupted. Better than discarding everything and restarting.

I will try disabling as many processes as a I can, and retry.

Alternatively I presume a could try downloading on another pc, and (if successful) copy it over?




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There be gremlins at work here........it's now working!

A futher update on this saga...


I left my pc, while it was downloading the new Driftwood VR environment (via Steam VR).

I came back, and it had finished downloading.

I exited from Steam, and then saw snow on my monitor.

At first I thought I had a virus or something.

It then dawned on me that this could be the Everest VR app running. Moving the mouse around confirmed it was this.

My headset was all turned off, so I shut down the app, switched everything on and restarted it.

It all appears to be working...


However, in the libary it still shows it as awaiting download (0%).

To launch Everest VR I right click on the Viveport in the taskbar, and select the app from the listing.

It launches and runs fine.


A real mystery as to why it is now up and running, and also why there's still this library issue.

I expect if I click on the download icon it will delete the folder and restart, as it has done many times before.



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Actually, no. It didn't complete on its own.

As I said in an earlier post, I had actually downloaded all the files, but the only way I could complete the download without getting an error was to use the 'report issue' feature. In there is an option to download the title. I did this, but having completed it would not then show as ready to run in the library.

If I then clicked on the download icon in the library, it would wipe this title and restart from o%.

I had a complete backup so copied it back to the HTC app folder.

But still there was no way to run this title, or so I thought.

Some days ago I did add this title to Steam, as a non-steam product.

Yesterday I must have done something, i.e. clicked on the title in an attempt to see if it would run.

Nothing happened, or so I thought.

I left my pc downloading something, came back and saw snow on the screen.

Somehow the app decided to work...


I have the latest Viveport version: 1.1.8, updated yesterday.




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