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HTC VIVE Pro Price? When? Thoughts?

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I really like the new Vive Pro but I'm on the fence as for purchasing. I usually do every other update on things, but this is a little more complicated as I do understand it will be long while for the next gen Vive after this and at that point, a new computer would be needed most likely. So updating now is being seriously considered. So like most people,  I guess it really depends on the price. If it's cheap enough, I'll get it. If it is more on the expensive side, I may just wait and see if they release a Knuckles, Tracker 2.0, VivePro kit in the future, buy that, and then just donate my old Vive to a family member.

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From reading a few news articles from people at CES, the new Vive Pro will be available for purchase without base stations or controllers, just the headset, from the sounds of what I read, almost sounds like you'll have to prove you already have the Vive to buy the headset alone. My guess this thing will not be cheap.

As for the Knuckle controllers, these are not a product of HTC but Valve, unless they give the manufacturing rights to HTC and permission to bundle them with the Vive and Vive Pro then you may have to purchase them from Valve.

Regards: Jack


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Have a look at this. Might be nothing to it but if its true then I'm well happy.




I'm in the uk, so hope that we don't get shafted with a higher price compared to the u.s. The tpcast was set at a lower price bracket and we know how that ended up. Soon as the new vive wireless solution appears the TPCast price is sure to plummet. They're just raking it in as it's the only wireless unit atm.

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What to do with the one you have now? Enjoy it. Play VR until your heart is content. It doesn't matter what is coming. What you have now is what matters. I have no regrets having my VIVE for the past 2 years even with all the later releases getting newer more quality games for free. You can't wait for future tech to come out to have fun otherwise you may as well never buy anything. We live in a time when innovation is growing at an exponential rate so don't fret. Get excited. ;-)

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