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1 Base Station works better then 2......


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I cant test a different room but I have so many reflecting things in here.. my Base Stations are definitely correct aligned now. Sometimes my balls from the 3 Vive Tracker are just flying in all direction and I cant fix it... I also noticed only my Basestation in the corner is detecting my hips Tracker.. I have to turn around everytime when I want the ball back... Sometimes I think only 1 Basestation are just tracking the things...  I think im gonna do this tomorrow and cover eeeeeeeverything up I got in my room. Those base stations seems very sensible.

I cant test it in a different room, we have almost everywhere windows.

I hope thats it because if its not, I have no idea why this happens. We will see tomorrow and I message you back then if its ok :) I dont want to spend 300$ on something which is not working Q_Q I see sooooo many people in VRChat (which is a game where many people most uses VR) who are having full-body tracking and it looks so good. Except for me.


If you want, I can make a small video tomorrow and then you can look it up how it looks like IF its not working with covering all the reflections I have.


But I have to say, my Vive Controller war working much better now. I played for 2 hours and they didnt flew away. Now I need to fix ma Vive Trackers... 

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Alright. Status Update. My closet were reflecting too much and my window. I put something over my big closet for testing and i have almost no problems with my Vive Tracker and my Controllers. It works completly fine now for me :) I might get a new closet and remove this one with the reflecting window.


Thanks for your help and now I can play good with my trackers :p I had literally no idea that this can cause so much issues o:

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