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Tracking issue with controllers (Is this normal behaviour?)


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So to clarify, there is no "taking the tracking away" as you may have noticed, the base stations are only sending signals, not receiving them. The receptors are on the controllers and the HMD, so there's no "hand off" so to speak. 

You can test the base stations by only setting one up and switching it to channel A and seeing how well it works tracking while you face it and do the same with the other. If one is noticably worse, that might help you isolate the issue.

Answering your question: It's not normal to have those tracking issues, but it's not uncommon for that to happen due to environmental factors. We're dealing with infrared light here, so anything that reflects or emits that (Kinect, tv remote, certain types of lightbulbs, even heaters could conceivably be a source.) might interfere with the tracking.


-John C

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So I've tried powering them on seperately with the other one unplugged and running new room setups while they're in Channel A, and yeah, they definitely still get the problem.



To clarify, I did what you said:


While they're off, unplug one,

then start the other one up,

change it to channel A,

Then run Room Setup and test it.

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And in response to what you were saying about things in the room that would cause problems:

Kinect: I don't own one

tv remote: I don't own one

Certain types of lightbulbs: I'm not sure about mine, but I have previously tried turning it off and covering it, but it didn't help

Heaters: I only have a radiator in the room that's by the door (you can see it in the second picture above), and that's out of view of the base station that I'm normally testing the problem with.


So, have there been any problems you've come across in the past where the controller tracking struggles when facing the basestations at certain angles?

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Only at the extreme edges of the base station FOV. Direct line of sight should be perfect. My colleague pointed out that you have a metal bed frame which may be the culprit. Can you test the base stations outside of your room? I'd like to isolate the issue if possible.


Also, do you own any PC peripherals or toys that might generate IR?


-John C

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Testing outside of my room definitely won't be an option today or anytime soon, but I may be moving this all to my Dad's place at some point to see if I get the same problem there. At the moment though, our first plan is to have him bring his computer to me and test the Vive as it is now on his computer, to see if we still get the input issue that we discussed in the other thread. That's priority right now, and then based off how things go after we test all that, we'll probably try it at his place. There's not really anywhere else in my house to try it as an alternative.


As for peripherals, in my room I have:

Steering Wheel and Pedals (you can see it mounted on my desk in a picture above)

LED Mouse

LED Keyboard

Xbox One Controller

PlayStation 3 Controller

Xbox One Wireless Adapter (but it's been unplugged and sitting behind my computer for many months)

LED Gaming Headset

720p Webcam


Would the Xbox One Controller wireless adapter cause problems even if it's unplugged and completely without power?


Also, I am in the same room as the Router, but I've tried unplugging its power entirely and it doesn't help. I saw online that they're notorious for causing Vive problems.

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So, while I haven't got around to testing a basestation in a different room yet, my Dad was able to come round and test the Vive on his computer a lot sooner than we thought (to test the input issue from the other thread).

Guess what? It still has the problem. Haha. So, we've eliminated the computer entirely, and we've elimated the Vive entirely. So I assume all we're left with is something in the environment that's somehow interfering with inputs I'm making. Also, we thought we might as well test the tracking problem on his computer, and yes it still happened. So that issue must be something to do with the environment as well, like you said.

Also, I should mention, like I mentioned previously we did have to put my graphics card in his computer to run all the Vive stuff properly as his card is definitely not good enough for it. But something we completely forgot to account for was the power supply cable for the graphics card, and seeing as my Dad's PSU is modular (so he's removed every wire that was unnecessary) we didn't have a cable to use. As a workaround, we powered my computer on, but with my 6-pin PSU cable plugged straight into my graphics card in my Dad's computer to power it.

So, to clarify, the only part of the hardware that stayed the same when we tested it on another machine was the graphics card, and the same power supply just for the graphics card. Everything else in the computer was still powered by my Dad's PSU. Sorry to make it confusing, but I thought I should mention it for troubleshooting reasons, so you know what hardware we're changing, and not changing.

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