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Un able to install (reinstall) Viveport software.


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HI there Vive folks.


I'm sad to say this is still an issue. I tried asking in live chat support, but they couldn't help either. I've followed the instruction in this thread and it's to worked. The same error is happening, it's looking for the viveportdesktoppackagex86.msi and not finding it.

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Guys, this is becoming a joke. I cannot install the viveport app. I cannot access the games I have selected. If I am loged into HTC I can see the games listed on Steam but they don't launch. 


Really want either a fix for this or a refund of my subscription fees.

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For those who are having the same problem, I have found a solution from a guy in Redit.


It worked for me:


Posted by new user|low karma account1 month ago
(Important) How to fix Viveport Desktop not installing glitch

So there's this terrible glitch I found when my house lost power in the middle of a Viveport update, after I got power back and tried to get on viveport, it wouldn't open, which is no big deal, so I uninstalled it and figured I'd just reinstall it, and that it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes...

Reinstalling it took me over 8 hours due to this terrible glitch. So I'm trying to spread how to fix it so if it ever happens to anybody else, hopefully it'll be easier for them to find the fix that actually works.


The bug is caused by Viveport not properly uninstalling the desktop app as it uninstalls; it leaves a version of the desktop app hidden on your drive, and that, for SOME reason, is what keeps the app from installing.

in order to fix it, it's actually really easy, Microsoft has an optional tool for forcing an uninstall, you'll need to download it off their official page ( https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed ) and then just open the tool, click uninstall, and it'll give you a list of apps that have changed in the last couple weeks or so, scroll down to anything starting with "vive" or "HTC" and delete ALL of it. for me what caused the error, like I said, was specifically the desktop version, and from what I've read that's how it's been for nearly everyone else, so uninstall all of it, just to be safe. almost all of them will
uninstall in about 10 seconds or less, except the one(s) that're causing problems, that'll take like a minute or two. after that, just download a new version of the Viveport app from the Vive website, install it, and you'll be completely fine.

I hope this helps somebody, I mean I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else because it's stressful as hell, but if it does, I hope this helps.

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  - this is the tool our techs would have recommend you use. In the future, you can just email customersupport@viveport.com for assistance with anything Viveport; the last thing we want you to do is spend hours trying to debug the client, we have technical specialists who can assist you. 

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This exact same problem is happening to me, just without the error. The blue loading bar just stops moving, even after 8hrs still nothing! I've used my Vive for years, but I did a reset on my computer yesterday and now this is the only thing I can't install. I've been talking with support coming on two days now. After trying all their suggestions, they told me maybe another reset might work so i went ahead and did it but still the same issue happens.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

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@aQ Kevlar That installer isn't required per say to use a Vive, but is required if you want to use Viveport. 

If using an OG Vive, simply plug in the headset, open up Steam, and it should autodetect and start downloading SteamVR. You can also manually install SteamVR from Steam -> Library -> Tools -> SteamVR.

If using Cosmos, Cosmos Elite, or Vive Pro 2 - you can install the requisite Vive Console software from Steam directly as well https://store.steampowered.com/app/1635730/VIVE_Console_for_SteamVR/

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