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Viveport forum issues and suggestions


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Maybe add a link to our Gallery between "Profile" and "My Settings" ?



- I have no toolbar when I want to write a comment (contest) but it works when I want to edit a message.

- I can't upload any pictures when I edit a post, when I click on the "Done" button, it put no pictures on my message.


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I am currently missing two purchases I made from the viveport store on the 1st of October. These were theBlu and The Music Room Mini. They simply aren't in my library. It's as if I never bought them. I never tried to download them until now but it seems I don't access to them. I spoke to Livechat support but they could not offer me any help or information except to tell me to post here in the forum.

I would appreciate any help in being able to download the products that I purchased.

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