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VIVE Pro + tracker (2018/03) problems


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I recently bought a VIVE Pro and I'm trying to make my new 3 vive tracker (version 2018/03) work. But when I plug the dongle and start pairing devices, the system warns me with error 10016 (update firmware controller) because there are some issues connecting the tracker wirelessly. I plug the tracker directly via USB but no upgrade is made, and the problem persists.

Another question. In every tracker box there is a wireless dongle. I have to plug all the 3 dongles to make every single traker to work? The tracker is directly linked to its dongle?



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Hi  ,


We just set up our Vive Pro today and are seeing similiar issues, not being able to pair multiple trackers without using at least one dongle. We currently use the trackers as controllers - I have rewritten the json to allow for this. The Vive has no issues with both pairing wirelessly and tracking. The Pro will not allow both to track unless one is paired to a dongle. I have looked at the jsons for the trackers, wand controllers, and Pro but did not see anything significant to restrict the pairing process. Is there a specific reason the Pro or 2.0 Basestations are different in this regard? I have updated all the firmware requirements for the wand controllers, trackers and HMD with the same results. , when you say you paired them one-by-one, can you elaborate a little more and this seemed to allow you to wirelessly pair multiple trackers? Thanks! 

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