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Vive Pro display port cable


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The Vive Pro comes with a DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable.  My computer only has a Mini Display port connection.  Will a Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable work for the Vive Port Pro Link Box to computer cable?

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I have same problem with VIVE PRO, a great and expensive laptop with geforce 1080 and i7 7700, but no displayport output.

I wasted a lot of time tring with hdmi port adapters and cables wituout success...


The only alternative is a type-c port, is there anyone in the world that used a vive pro on type-c port ??

For example using this adaptor: https://www.amazon.com/Thunderbolt-DisplayPort-Benfei-Converter-ChromeBook/dp/B01NBX352B

thank in advance

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The following USB-C to MiniDisplayPort adapter has been tested and confirmed to work on our hardware as well as the Razer Blade and Blade Pro: http://a.co/hUIfOXT . The USB-C output in question must support Displayport 1.2 - you may need to alter your Nvidia settings to chose the Nvida card as the default graphics processor for this to work.


The 3 and 6 foot varients of this MiniDisplayPort ->  MiniDisplayPort cable have also been tested and confirmed to be compatible with Pro: http://a.co/0oBPzW2 


No HDMI -> DisplayPort adapters are compatible with the Pro. The HMDI standard is not able to support the bandwidth requirements of the Vive Pro. 


This USB-C to 3.5mm adapter has also been tested and confirmed to be compatible with Pro.

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I bought a brand new vive pro and it comes with all of its cables.. I am running an alienware top model with its graphic amplifier and the display port cannot be recgonized by the vive setup system therefore it does not work. Could you please help me out on this issue. Thanks

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